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Have you ever wondered what the story was behind a building on your community's main street or are you interested in researching a property to nominate it for the National Register of Historic Places? The State Historical Society of Iowa maintains a substantial collection of information about Iowa’s historic and archeological sites.

Historic/Architectural Database and National Archaeological Database
View the Historic Architectural Database online or visit the State Historic Preservation Office or State Historical Research Center in Des Moines to access the collection.
Iowa Culture Website and Mobile Application
Find more than 3,000 historic sites across the state.
National Register of Historic Places
Find historic sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places including nomination forms and photographs.
Iowa Agriculture History Collections
Explore collections related to Iowa's history as a leading agricultural state.
Civil Rights in Iowa
Learn about sites and stories related to the African-American civil rights during the 20th century.
Underground Railroad in Iowa
Learn about the Underground Railroad in Iowa project, and the places and people associated with it.
19th Amendment Centennial Celebration
American women started voting nationwide after the 19th Amendment kicked into effect on Aug. 26, 1920. A hundred years later, the State Historical Society of Iowa commemorated that milestone -- and the Iowans who marched toward it -- with a series of programs