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Excerpt from “A Picture of Progress on the Lincoln Way,” 1920

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Courtesy of the State Historical Society of Iowa, Lincoln Highway Association, "A Picture of Progress on the Lincoln Way," pp. 1, 20-22, 1920


This text was created by the Lincoln Highway Association, and it outlines the progress in creating the Lincoln Highway. The section on Iowa details the plans for paving the highway and how this debate impacted political and economic interests in the state. 

Transcript of Excerpt from "A Picture of Progress on the Lincoln Way"

Source-Dependent Questions

  • What led to the decision for paving the Lincoln Highway through Iowa? How did this decision impact the political race for governor in 1916?
  • How was Iowa unique compared to other Lincoln Highway states? Why was this an important factor in improving the highway?
  • How quickly did the work progress during 1919? What were the plans for 1920?