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As part of its mission to educate Iowans of all ages by stimulating research and disseminating historic information, the State Historical Society of Iowa offers publications past and present that will engage your eyes, mind, and imagination.

Annals of Iowa

Subscribe to the Annals of Iowa, a thought-provoking history journal that will satisfy even the most serious explorer of Iowa's past. Published quarterly, the Annals of Iowa examines the deeds, misdeeds, and accomplishments of our predecessors and shows you how those actions fit into the larger mosaic of Iowa's past. Purchase individual issues or read digital issues of the Annals of Iowa from 1863 - 2022. You can also subscribe to the Annals of Iowa newsletter.

The Goldfinch

Read digitized issues of The Goldfinch: Iowa History for Young Peoplea children's Iowa history magazine that was published quarterly from 1975-2000.

The Palimpsest 

Read digitized issues of The Palimpsest, a popular history magazine published from 1920 to 1996.

Iowa Heritage Illustrated

Read digitized issues of Iowa Heritage Illustrated, a quarterly history magazine published from 1996 to 2014.

Iowa Historian

Sign up to receive the Iowa Historian, the State Historical Society of Iowa's bi-weekly e-newsletter. Learn about the history of Iowa, historical collections and stay up-to-date on events and programs.

Purchase Publications

Order individual copies or to request a list of back and out-of-print issues of State Historical Society of Iowa publications.