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Technical Assistance

New applications are now being accepted for the Field Services Program.

The State Historical Society of Iowa offers technical assistance to property owners, local governments, nonprofit organizations, communities, federal and state agencies, and American Indian Tribal governments and organizations.

Field Services

The Field Services program provides assistance to potential Historical Resource Development Program grant recipients and those who require guidance once the grant has been awarded. Field Services consultants have many years of experience working with museum, historic preservation and documentary collections projects. Through this program, you can have a consultant visit your community or project site to offer you specific advice on your grant project.

Potential grant applicants may request advice about the identification and development of grant projects and application of appropriate professional standards.

Field Services consultants may assist you once they take the following factors into consideration:

  • Level of professional expertise concerning your needs and area of requested assistance
  • Geographic proximity of the consultant to the client
  • Availability of the consultant

Consultants will not write grant applications or provide any professional services to you as your employee. Some consultants may have expertise in writing grant applications, however cannot perform this function in the consultant role.

Consultants will help you determine the scope of your grant and the proper methods and procedures to use.

Program funds will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis to potential grant applicants as long as funds are available.

How it Works

  • Request a consultant online.
  • Your eligibility for a Field Services consultation will be assessed after submission of the form.
  • If your project fits within the Historical Resource Development Program requirements, we will contact you to discuss your project and recommend potential Field Services consultants. You may then contact the consultant(s).
  • If a Field Services consultant thinks he/she will be of assistance, the consultant will initiate a letter of agreement with you. A copy of the signed agreement should be emailed to the State Historical Society of Iowa at The letter of agreement will state:
    • Nature of consultation
    • Length of consultation
    • Written reports
    • Travel expenses (you will be responsible for covering the costs associated with mileage, meals and lodging for the consultant)

Consultants will be available to you for a maximum of 24 hours total. This amount of time may be divided among (but is not limited to) on-site visits, research, writing, phone calls and grant review.

If you have additional questions please contact us.

Note: Historical Resource Development Program does not guarantee Field Services consultant work. In addition, the use of a Field Services consultant does not ensure future receipt of a Historical Resource Development Program grant.

Apply to Become a Consultant

If you are interested in being a Field Services consultant, please review the required qualifications and apply online.