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In partnership with the University of Michigan's Read.Inquire.Write., a Library of Congress TPS grant recipient, the State Historical Society of Iowa is excited to share resources to support primary source-based inquiry and argument writing in social studies.

To integrate these materials, Read.Inquire.Write. follows the process detailed in the graphic above. The disciplinary literacy tools from Read.Inquire.Write. create a process to support middle school students' inquiry and argument writing that can be combined with any of the State Historical Society’s Primary Source Sets.

The Read.Inquire.Write. tools support:
     + reading of a source
     + analysis of complex social and historical problems
     + developing arguments on the basis of sources
     + planning and composing written arguments
     + setting goals for improvement

Read.Inquire.Write. Example

Follow this example to integrate the disciplinary literacy tools from Read.Inquire.Write. with the State Historical Society's Underground Railroad Primary Source Set.
1) Read.Inquire.Write. Teacher Guide for Underground Railroad Primary Source Set
2) Read.Inquire.Write. Student Guide for Underground Railroad Primary Source Set
3) Go to "Integrate Read.Inquire.Write. Tools with Other Primary Sources" to access downloadable Powerpoints and Word documents of this sample integration.
4) Go to Read.Inquire.Write. to learn more about their disciplinary literacy tools, or to see how they integrate tools into investigations of world geography, ancient world history and U.S. history.