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Iowa's 175 Anniversary

On December 28, 2021, Iowa marked a major milestone: 175 years of statehood. Throughout 2021, the State Historical Society of Iowa invited Iowans of all ages to learn more about the people and places that have shaped the land for more than 13,000 years.

Discover New Iowa 175 Resources and Programs

Iowa 175 Pop-Up Displays
All 275 pop-up displays were claimed. Thank you to all who requested a display and for sharing Iowa's rich history with communities throughout Iowa's 99 counties.

Download Iowa 175 Partner Toolkit
Iowans could host a commemorative Iowa 175 event in their communities by downloading a partner resource toolkit to help plan programming for adults, children and educators. The toolkit also included style and social media guides, as well as example posts for different social media platforms. 

Take a "Iowa’s People and Places" Tour
Journey through 13,000 years of history in this exhibition that features both common and monumental events. Try out the virtual exhibit tour to see how Iowa history reflects the experiences of many people across the state who shaped, and were affected by, local and national events.

Create and Submit a Self-Portrait
To help commemorate Iowa's recent 175th statehood anniversary, we asked Iowans like you to create and submit self-portraits to celebrate the people who shape the state today. And you responded in big numbers! You can see the collection online.

There's still time to submit your self-portrait! The portraits were featured as a part of the 175th anniversary. 

Iowa 175 Programs for Lifelong Learners

Immerse yourself in all things Iowa history through the featured year-long programs and resources listed below. Find a complete list of activities on the State Historical Society of Iowa's calendar.

  • Explore the "Iowa's People & Places" exhibit. Visit the exhibit at the State Historical Museum of Iowa. Learn about the stories and artifacts of the earliest people who called this land home, as well as more recent Iowans who have helped make Iowa truly unique.
  • Enjoy Goldie's Kids Club programs for children and families. Families with kids ages 4-12 can join Goldie's Kids Club for free and enjoy exclusive educational activities every month including at-home expeditions, storytime activities, camp opportunities and much more
  • Tune into the Iowa History 101 and Iowa Stories free webinar series. The Iowa History 101 Series features 60-minute webinars that share Iowa stories through a cultural history lens on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month. Iowa Stories is a 60-minute learning showcase that features historians and scholars on a diverse range of Iowa topics.
  • Join the Iowa History Book Club. Take a deep dive into some of the best books about Iowa's fascinating history.
  • Subscribe to The Annals of Iowa or purchase individual copies of the special 175th anniversary edition, which is now available.
  • Watch an Iowa movie or attend an Iowa film festival in person or online. Get away to the big screen and discover unforgettable films.

Iowa 175 Resources for Organizations

Promote Iowa history and 175 years of statehood by hosting events in your local community. Use the resources below to help plan and promote activities across the state.


  • Join Local History Network
    The State Historical Society of Iowa is proud to partner with local history museums and organizations as part of our Local History Network. Throughout the year, we will feature programs and activities from a variety of partners across the state, including our Local History Network partners who will host local 175th anniversary activities.
  • Download a Partner Toolkit
    We encourage cultural and historical organizations across the state to host your own commemorative Iowa 175 event. Here is a partner resource toolkit to help you plan for programming for adults, children and educators.
  • Request a Pop-Up Display
    Fill out this request form to receive a free pop-up display for your organization from the State Historical Society of Iowa. Each display is free-standing, lightweight and easy to assemble. The number of displays is limited. Only one display will be mailed per organization.

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Register to become a member of the State Historical Society of Iowa, and stay in-the-know about upcoming 175th anniversary activities! You'll become a part of history by helping to preserve Iowa’s rich past for generations to come. Historic places, objects and photographs take you back to special moments in time, help you learn about your ancestors, capture the history of the state and bring perspective to your life today.

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