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"The New Deal" Mural, ca. 1934

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A black and white image of a mural showing a variety of individuals from various backgrounds.
Courtesy of National Archives, Albrizio, Conrad A., "The New Deal," ca. 1934


This image is of a mural that was created in 1934 by artist Conrad Albrizio. The mural places President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the center of workers from various background, genders and ethnicities.  

Source-Dependent Questions

  • What was Conrad Albrizio, the artist, trying to communicate about the New Deal through the types of occupations and demographics depicted in the mural?
  • What does the placement of President Franklin Roosevelt in the center of the mural communicate his role in the New Deal? Does this show a change in the role of president? Why or why not?
  • Compare this photo to Men Stringing TVA Transmission Lines. Both images depict projects of the New Deal. How do both projects benefit the quality of life of Americans? Why would President Roosevelt create projects for artists and laborers? 

Citation Information

Albrizio, Conrad A., "The New Deal," ca. 1934. Courtesy of National Archives