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Men Stringing Rural Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Transmission Lines, 1933

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Black and white photograph of men putting up power lines for the Tennessee Valley Authority.
Courtesy of National Archives, "REA; TVA; 'Stringing rural TVA transmission line'," 1933


This black and white photograph shows men putting up power lines. The work was made possible through the creation of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), one of the New Deal programs created in President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's first term in office.  

Source-Dependent Questions

  • What type of work was depicted in this photograph by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)? How could this photo been used to gain support for the New Deal programs?
  • How did the work depicted in this image by the TVA impact the quality of life for individuals in this region?
  • Compare this photo to The New Deal Mural. Both images depict projects of the New Deal. How do both projects benefit the quality of life of Americans? Why would President Roosevelt create projects for laborers and artists? 

Citation Information

"REA; TVA; 'Stringing rural TVA transmission line'," 1933. Courtesy of National Archives