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Interview with Vivian Morris from Harlem, New York, June 29, 1939

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Courtesy of Library of Congress, Morris, Vivian, "[Harlem]," 29 June 1939


This document is an interview with Vivian Morris, who was a garment work in Harlem, New York. The interview was completed in 1939. 


Full Transcript of Vivian Morris' Interview

Transcribed Excerpts from Vivian Morris' Interview

Source-Dependent Questions

  • What are examples of discrimination described in the interview? How would this have impacted her access to New Deal programs?
  • Consider the argument made for higher wages in the fourth paragraph and the historical context. Why wouldn't she have received a wage increase?
  • How was Vivian Morris' struggle for higher wages hampered by attitudes depicted in the cartoon "Our New Army of Defense?"

Citation Information 

Morris, Vivian, "[Harlem]," 29 June 1939. Courtesy of Library of Congress