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Join the Volunteer Gala Committee to help secure sponsors, provide ideas for food and beverage partners, assist with event logistics and share your talents. You are encouraged, but not required, to attend virtual committee meetings.

2022 Celebrate Iowa Gala Committee Members

Kevin Abler Onnalee Gettler* Peri Montufar
Sophia Ahmad Megan Grandgeorge Ryan Moon
Chaz Allen* Matt Grohe* Michael Morain**
Matthew Beyer** Carrie Hansen Goizane Mullin
Abby Boruff Kenedy Heimerdinger** Joseph Piearson
Kevin Condon* Hanna Howard** Candice Revita-Ramirez
Jennifer Cooley** Chelsea Jacobsen** Cecilia Rokusek
Ryan Crane Lindsay Keast** Kelly Sparks
Beth Danowsky* Mary Ellen Kimball Emily Toribio
Kylie Dittmer* Ricki King* Karen Trotter**
Lauren Doll-Sheeder Susan Kloewer** Barb Wisnieski*
Donna Dostal Andrew Klumpp** Meg Witt**
Jessica Feeney* Chris Kramer**  
Greg Fisher* Kristen Meyers  

*IHF Board Member 

**Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs Employee