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Interview with Italian Munitions Worker Charles Fusco, 1938

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Courtesy of Library of Congress, Fusco, Charles, "[Italian Munitions Worker]," 1938


This is an interview with Charles Fusco, a resident of Connecticut and Italian immigrant, and it was conducted as part of the Federal Writers' Project. Fusco talks about his family history, as well as his thoughts on recent events in Europe and the introduced New Deal programs, such as Social Security.

Full Transcript of Charles Fusco's Interview

Transcribed Excerpts from Charles Fusco's Interview

Source-Dependent Questions

  • What arguments did Charles Fusco use to attack Republican policies? Are these arguments unique to the New Deal programs?
  • How did certain New Deal programs appeal to Fusco? What was his concern about these programs?
  • How might Fusco respond to the arguments of Henry Gill in his interview?

Citation Information 

Fusco, Charles, "[Italian Munitions Worker]," 1938. Courtesy of Library of Congress