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Interview with Farmer Ernest Boney in South Carolina, 1938

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Courtesy of Library of Congress, Boney, Ernest B., "[The Experiences of a Farm Owner]," pp. 8-10, 1938


This oral history was collected as part of the South Carolina Writers' Project. Ernest Boney was a white farmer who provided a history of his life in South Carolina. His son received help from the National Youth Administration to finish at Clemson. The excerpt focuses on his feelings toward government control of agriculture and use of Work Progress Administration's programs.  

Transcribed Excerpt from Ernest Boney's Interview

Source-Dependent Questions

  • What New Deal programs were Ernest Boney and his family able to access? How was this a change in ideas of what the government's role?
  • Read the final paragraph of the excerpt again. How did Boney's racist attitudes impact his feelings regarding the effectiveness of New Deal programs? How would these attitudes affect the ability for all citizens to be provided relief under the New Deal?

Citation Information 

Boney, Ernest B., "[The Experiences of a Farm Owner]," pp. 8-10, 1938. Courtesy of Library of Congress