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Interview with Eugenia Martin about Reconstruction, November 1939

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Courtesy of Library of Congress, Martin, Eugenia, "[I Managed to Carry On]," pp. 5-6, November 1939


This source is an oral history collected as part of the Federal Writers' Project.  Eugenia Martin was the daughter of slaves and she recounted her family's story prior to Reconstruction. In her recent history, she recounts how the death of her husband led her to participation in the WPA.  

Transcribed Excerpt of Eugenia Martin's Interview

Source-Dependent Questions

  • How did Eugenia Martin come to work for the Works Progress Administration (WPA)? What were her initial hesitations for coming to work for the WPA?
  • What did the work of the WPA provide for Martin?
  • How does this source communicate a change in how some viewed what a government should do for its people?

Citation Information 

Martin, Eugenia, "[I Managed to Carry On]," pp. 5-6, November 1939. Courtesy of Library of Congress