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Korean War Memorial at the Iowa State Capitol, 2017

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Courtesy of Rebecca Helland, 2017


Initiated by a letter to Governor Terry Branstad, students at Washington Irving Junior High School launched a campaign to fundraise for and create a memorial to Korean War Veterans on the Iowa Capitol grounds. Their goal was to raise $85,314 - $1 for each Iowan who fought in the war. Five years and over $100,000 later, the dedication ceremony took place.

Transcript of Inscriptions on Korean War Memorial in Des Moines, Iowa

Source-Dependent Questions

  • Read the transcript of inscriptions on the Iowa Korean War Memorial. Which country built the tanks that the North Koreans advanced into South Korea with? What message does that arrangement send about the war?
  • Armistice was signed to end the Korean War in 1953. A campaign to establish a memorial in Des Moines started in 1984. What does this indicate about why the Korean War is sometimes referred to as "The Forgotten War?"

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Courtesy of Rebecca Helland, 2017