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Korean War Atrocities Report by U.S. Senate, January 1954

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Courtesy of Library of Congress, U.S. Congress, January 1954


U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy appointed a special subcommittee on October 6, 1953,  to investigate the war crimes committed by Communist forces in Korea with the purpose of bringing them to the world's attention. The Korean War Atrocities report, which was released in January 1954, details these findings. 

The Hon. Charles E. Potter (chairman), the senator from Michigan, presided over the sub-committee hearing on the War Atrocities committed during the Korean War.  The purpose of these hearings was to bring to "the attention of the world in general and to the American people in particular" the type of enemy the U.S. was fighting in Korea, "to expose their horrible acts committed against our troops, and to foster appropriate legislation."

Full Transcript of the Korean War Atrocities Report

Transcribed Excerpts from the Korean War Atrocities Report

Source-Dependent Questions

  • Describe how the American soldiers who were prisoners of war were treated by the North Korean army.
  • What is similar between the two testimonies of Mr. Manring and Sergeant Weinel?
  • Refer back to the Geneva Convention. Why do you think it was important for our government to investigate these atrocities of the Korean War and share the findings publically?

Citation Information 

"Korean War Atrocities Report of the Committee on Government Operations made through its Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations by its Subcommittee on Korean War Atrocities," U.S. Congress, January 1954. Courtesy of Library of Congress