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"State v. Amana Society: 1906," 2018

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Courtesy of Law Library, State Library of Iowa, "State v. Amana Society: 1906," pp. 1-7, 2018


This document is the majority opinion on the 1906 ruling from the Iowa Supreme Court on the State v. Amana Societies case. Their decision upheld the rights of the Amana Societies to pursue economic gains for the purpose of supporting the members of the Society based on their religious principles and beliefs.

Transcript of "State v. Amana Society: 1906"

Source-Dependent Questions

  • What was the State’s original complaint against the Amana Societies (the defendants)? What was the defendant's argument against the Attorney General?
  • What was the official ruling from the Iowa Supreme Court? Using the text, was was the main point(s) that supported the ruling?
  • How does this ruling show that Iowa's government was enforcing the equal rights of the Amana Societies?

Citation Information 

"State v. Amana Society: 1906," pp. 1-7, 2018. Courtesy of Law Library, State Library of Iowa