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IPTV's "World War II Veteran: Mary Adams," 2008

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Courtesy of Iowa Public Television, "World War II Veteran: Mary Adams," Iowa Pathways - Iowa Public Television, 2008


This is an interview that aired on Iowa Public Television in 2008, where World War II veteran Mary Adams described her experience enlisting in the Women's Army Corps (WAC). After six weeks of basic training, she worked in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, typed the orders for the men going overseas. She stayed in the WAC for two years and 22 days. 

Source-Dependent Questions

  • Before you watch the video, what do you expect to hear about Mary Adams and her experience in the military?
  • As you watch the video, were you surprised? If you were surprised, what does that say about how our society views women and military service? If you were not surprised by what you saw, explain why not.
  • Based on what you heard and saw, do you feel that women like Mary Adams were treated the same as military men? What evidence do you have from the video to support your answer?

Citation Information 

"World War II Veteran: Mary Adams," Iowa Pathways - Iowa Public Television, 2008. Courtesy of Iowa Public Television