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Inaugural Address of Herbert Hoover, March 4, 1929

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Courtesy of Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum, Hoover, Herbert, 4 March 1929


Newly-elected Herbert Hoover outlines his plans for his presidency in his inaugural address in 1929. His speech included speaking about the enforcement of the 18th amendment, which would be the prohibition of alcoholic beverages by declaring the production, transport and sale of alcohol illegal. He also spoke about the relationship between business and the government and what role the United States will play in world events. 

Full Transcript of President Herbert Hoover's Inaugural Address

Transcribed Excerpts from President Herbert Hoover's Inaugural Address

Source-Dependent Questions

  • As you read the excerpted text, what do you feel were the overriding themes set forth by President Herbert Hoover in his speech? Support your answer with textual evidence.
  • Based on this document and other readings from this source set, do you feel he was able to meet his own expectations as he carried out his term of office? Cite textual evidence or support from other readings in this set to support your claim.

Citation Information 

Hoover, Herbert, 4 March 1929. Courtesy of Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum