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Fitch Shampoo Advertisements, 1981

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Courtesy of the State Historical Society of Iowa, Rehder, Denny, "The Shampoo King," pp. 51-52, 1981


Within the book "The Shampoo King," there are a series of example advertisements for various products produced by Fred Fitch's company that had been used in various media forms. Two of the advertisements are shown and one provides instruction as to how to apply Fitch's shampoo. 

Transcript of Fitch Shampoo Advertisements

Source-Dependent Questions

  • To whom were these advertisements directed toward? What was the purpose of each advertisement?
  • How did these advertisements promote the changes that Fred Fitch felt were important to the hair care profession?
  • What are the connections to what you have read so far about Fitch and the information conveyed in each advertisement