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Excerpts from the "Shampoo King" Book, 1981

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Courtesy of the State Historical Society of Iowa, Rehder, Denny, "The Shampoo King," pp. 9, 13-15, 1981


This document includes excerpts from the book "Shampoo King," which outlines the career of Fred Fitch. Fitch created hair products and revolutionized his industry, which led to great success nationally and internationally.

Transcript of Excerpts from the "Shampoo King" Book, 1981

Source-Dependent Questions

  • Why did Fred Fitch choose the hair industry for his profession?
  • How did a conversation between Fitch and Dr. Breckbill propel Fitch into his business success?
  • How were Fitch's ideas, as well as his dandruff remover product, revolutionary to his profession?