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RG 121 Mines and Minerals

In March 1880, the legislature created the Office of State Mine Inspector. The primary responsibilities of the office were: to examine and inspect mines in Iowa, to determine their condition as to general safety and ventilation, to approve safety appliances, and to have maps of the individual mines created. Most of the records in our holdings are post-1935. The following is a partial list of the records of the Department of Mines and Minerals in our holdings. A complete list of these record series is available at the Research Center in Des Moines.

Title Date Span
Annual Mine Reports, Coal Production and Gypsum and Limestone Production 1955-1969
Applications for Mine Permits 1937-1966
Biennial Reports to the Governor 1881-1972
Board of Examiners, Expense Ledger 1904-1910
Board of Examiners, Minute Books 1909-1913, 1926-1953
Coal Tonnage Reports 1960-1969
Correspondence 1937, 1945-1972
Departmental and Subject Files 1909-1971 (Bulk Dates 1960-1971)
Monthly Mine Reports 1945-1949, 1962-1966
Mine Inspections
Title Date Span
Federal Mine Inspectors Reports 1949-1970
Federal Notices of Abatements or Extensions 1970
Mine Inspectors Reports 1951-1971
Record of Mine Inspections 1886-1911
Mine Accidents and Fatalities
Title Date Span
Mine Accident Reports (Fatal and Non-Fatal) 1885-1913
Mining Accidents - Employers First Report of Injury 1954-1963
Mining Accidents - Fatal Monthly Accident Reports 1945-1962
Mining Accidents - Non-Fatal Accidents 1950-1951
Mining Fatalities Lists and Summaries (Index Cards) 1880-1961(Lists), 1940-1951 (Summaries)
Mining Fatalities, Reports and Inquests (Case Files) 1939-1966
Mining Fatalities, Reports of Fatal Accidents 1935-1969
Mining Fatalities, Reports to U.S. Department of Interior, Bureau of Mines 1939-1951