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RG 101 Adjutant General

The office of Adjutant General was created on January 4, 1839 and is responsible for the administration, organization, equipping, and training of Iowa military forces. Records of the Adjutants in the State Archives begin in the territorial period and go through 1950, and include military records of Iowa regiments mustered into U.S. service during the Mexican War, Civil War and Spanish-American War. Records document Iowa's involvement in these wars and provide limited information on the military service of individual soldiers. The following is a partial list of the records of the Adjutant General in our holdings. A complete list of record series is available in the Research Center in Des Moines.

Title Date Span
Correspondence, Spirit Lake Massacre 1857-1865
Letter Books, Militia and Quartermaster General, Copies 1864-1865
Letter Books, Militia, Copies 1863-1865
Militia Reports 1855-1876
Oaths of Office, Militia 1861-1865
Register of Militia Captains c. 1865
Registers of Militia Commissions 1863-1872
Registers of Militia Companies and Officers 1847-c.1866
Roster Books of Militia 1862-1864
Roster Books of Militia Officers 1871-1879
Mexican War
Title Date Span
General Correspondence, Mexican War 1883-1916
Muster Rolls, Mexican War 1847-1848
Civil War
Title Date Span
Brigade Reports, Civil War Battles and Campaigns 1862-1865
Civil War Soldiers Buried in Iowa 1862-1868
Clothing Books 1861-1866
Consolidated Morning Reports, Civil War 1861-1866
Correspondence, Civil War 1861-1917
Correspondence, Disloyal Sentiment 1861-1866
General Correspondence, Civil War 1861-1917
General Orders 1861-1867
Hospital Reports, Civil War 1861-1865
Iowa Soldiers Buried in National Cemeteries (Civil War Survey) c. 1865
Letter Books, Copies 1861-1872
Medical Exemptions from Military Duty 1862-1865
Military Reports, Civil War 1861-1867
Oaths of Office, Civil War 1861-1865
Personal Effects and Final Statement Inventories 1861-1865
Recruiting Reports 1862-1864
Roster Books, Civil War 1861-1865
Sanitary Agents Reports, Civil War 1861-1865
Soldiers Furnished by County and/or Congressional District, Civil War 1861-1865
Special Orders 1861-1889
Volunteer Enlistments 1862-1865
Spanish-American War
Title Date Span
Claims, Spanish-American War 1898-1899
Correspondence, Spanish-American War 1897-1900
General Correspondence, Spanish-American War 1898-1917
General Orders, Spanish-American War 1898-1899
Hospital Reports, Spanish-American War 1899
Military Reports, Spanish-American War 1898-1901
Muster Rolls, Spanish-American War 1898-1899
Roster Books, Spanish-American War 1898-1899
Special Orders, Spanish-American War 1898-1899
Iowa National Guard
Title Date Span
Inventories, Iowa National Guard 1878-1911
Military Personnel Files, Iowa National Guard c. 1876 - c.1951
Military Reports, Iowa National Guard c. 1876-1917
Miscellaneous Correspondence, Iowa National Guard 1876-1910
Miscellaneous Reports, Iowa National Guard c.1900-1921
Miscellaneous, Iowa National Guard 1876-1916, 1921
Oaths of Office, Iowa National Guard 1878-1911
Register of Company Captains, Iowa National Guard 1878-1879
Register of Iowa National Guard Commissions 1881-1897
Requisitions, Iowa National Guard 1874-1917
Roster Books, Iowa National Guard 1882-1905
Roster of Officers, Civil War 1861-1862
Special Orders Record Book, Iowa National Guard 1892-1900
Other Records
Title Date Span
County Auditors Returns of Ex-Servicemen 1885
Disaster Relief in Northwest Iowa 1872-1876
Flags, Military 1861-1907
Iowa Soldiers Buried in National Cemeteries, 1908 Survey 1908
Persons Subject to Military Duty 1862-1915
Records of Military Commissions Issued 1861-1868, 1898-1899