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RG 096 Transportation

In 1904, the first State Highway Commission was created; the law provided that Iowa State College should act as the commission and advise local authorities regarding highway improvements. A decade later, in 1913, the General Assembly passed an act creating a new State Highway Commission, severing the ties to the college. Over the years ever increasing duties governing the states road system (primary and secondary) were added to the Commission. In 1975, the Highway Commission became a part of the newly created Department of Transportation responsible for coordinating all of the various facets of Iowas entire transportation system. The records included in RG 96 Transportation in the Archives holdings are limited to administrative records for the department and to records from its aeronautics and highway divisions. For records pertaining to railroad and motor transport, refer to RG 105 Railroad Commissioners/Transportation Regulation. The following is a list of records in the Transportation record group:

Aeronautics Commission
Title Date Span
Aeronautics Commission Minutes 1934-1975
Highway Commission
Title Date Span
Highway Commission Agendas 1968-1975
Highway Commission Minute Books 1913-1952
Highway Commission Minutes 1913-1964
Highway Commission Minutes and Orders 1967-1974
Highway Commission Statewide Highway Planning Survey (1936-1937) 1938
Highway Commission Survey of the Volume of Traffic on the Primary Road System of Iowa (1934-1935) 1938
Division of Planning and Research
Title Date Span
Maps (by county) Undated
Transportation Commission
Title Date Span
Transportation Commission Minutes and Order Books 1975-2000