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RG 079 Board of Regents

The earliest forerunner of the Board of Regents, the Regents of the State University of Iowa was established in 1845. Later, Boards of Trustees were established for each of Iowas three public institutions of higher learning. In 1909, the 33rd General Assembly created the State Board of Education, later renamed the State Board of Regents, to coordinate and govern all three institutions (Iowa State University, the State University of Iowa, and the University of Northern Iowa). In addition to the public institutions of higher learning, the Board of Regents has also governed the Iowa Braille and Site Saving School since 1911 and the Iowa School for the Deaf since 1917. The following is a partial list of the records of the Board of Regents in our holdings:

Title Date Span
Administrative Files _ See Preliminary Guide for Subseries (Includes published materials from as early as 1862) c.1950-1980
Audit Reports 1953-1964, 1977-1996
Blueprints 1967
Bond Sales 1959-2000
Budget, Board of Regents 1955-1966
Budget, State Board of Education 1937-1955
Catalog Books - Iowa State Agricultural College/Iowa State College/Iowa State University 1870-1973
Catalog Books - Iowa State Teachers College, 1908-1962 and University of Northern Iowa Bulletins 1968-1974
Catalog Books - State University of Iowa, 1921-1975 and State University of Iowa Bulletins 1962-1968
Collective Bargaining Negotiation Files 1976-1993, Undated
Construction Project Files c.1915-2001
Contracts and Bonds Undated
Departmental Organization Charts 1993-1994
Departmental Policies and Procedures 1934-1998
Executive Correspondence, Policy Reference 1978-1995
Lease Rental and Easement Files 1922-1996
Legislative Liaison Logs 1991-1998
Minutes 1845-1846, 1909-1948
Minutes and Docket Material of Board Meetings 1957-2000
Minutes, Finance Committee 1909-1966
Plans and Projects - Education Cluster on Federal Issues 1995
Plans and Projects - Energy Management 1989
Plans and Projects - Fire Safety 1964-1995
Plans and Projects - Fund Manager Reports 1994-2000
Plans and Projects - Invesco Endowments 1998-2000
Plans and Projects - Personnel Policies Undated
Plans and Projects - Portfolios and Quasi Endowment 1997-2000
Plans and Projects - Purchasing Plans 1985-1991
Plans and Projects - Risk Management 1986-1996
Plans and Projects - Risk Management, Automobiles 1980-1994
Plans and Projects - Sale of WOI 1985-1994
Plans and Projects - Study Groups Undated
Plans and Projects - Telecommunications 1985-1989
Plans and Projects - Wilshire Investment Analysis 1997-2000
Plans and Specifications - Iowa School for the Deaf 1964-1966
Plans and Specifications - Iowa State University 1967
Program Planning and Project Development Files 1963-2000, Undated
Programs and Projects - Eisenhower Project Files 1990-1998
Programs and Projects - Federal Programs 1981-1984
Programs and Projects - Federal, Pre-Applications 1968-1990
Programs and Projects - Legislation and Decisions 1995
Programs and Projects - Mandates Policies 1973-1982
Programs and Projects - Oil Overcharge 1986
Register of Personnel Changes 1958-1975, Undated
Reports to the Governor 1984-1997
Trust Funds 1909-1996