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State Historical Society of Iowa

RG 049 State Historical Society of Iowa

The two forerunners of the State Historical Society of Iowa are the State Historical Society of Iowa, established in Iowa City, on January 28, 1857 and the Historical Department, located in Des Moines, established on April 8, 1892. The two facilities were combined as the State Historical Society of Iowa in 1974 .

Title Date Span
Annual/Biennial Reports 1974-1990
Appointment Calendars (Administrator) 1985-1987
Blue Ribbon Task Force on Teaching Iowa History 1988-1991
Board of Trustees Awards Nomination Committee 1988-1994
Board of Trustees Minutes 1974-1982
Board of Trustees Minutes and Meeting Packets 1982-1994
Budget and Program Planning Files 1985-1986
Centennial Building Facilities Committee Minutes 1982-1993
Construction Project Files 1982-1987
Department Salary Ledgers c.1930s
Departmental Policies and Procedures, Work Rules 1985-1995
Executive Correspondence 1940-2005, Undated
Facilities Committee 1989-1993
Gray Literature Task Force 1994-1996
Iowa County Records Manual Project 1984-1987
Legislative Liaison 1986-1997
Management Team Meeting Minutes 1986-1997
Museum Collections Committee Minutes 1983-1985
Museum Planning for New Building Undated
Opening Events of State Historical Building 1987
Peace Officer Memorial Committee Correspondence 1992-1994
Presentations by Administrator 1984-1994
Program Planning and Project Development Files 1985-1996
Public Outreach Task Force 1993-1994
State Historical Society of Iowa Collections Committee Minutes 1989-1997
State Historical Society of Iowa Collections Policies 1980
State Plans and Projects, Opening Events for New Historical Building 1987
Western Historical Trails Project Files 1984-1996
Historic Preservation
Title Date Span
Congressional Liaison 1973-1980
Executive Correspondence 1970-1984
National Register Workshops 1991-1994
Title Date Span
Annals of Iowa 1863-1893
State Archives
Title Date Span
Administrative Files 1979-1983
Federal Census Returns, Agricultural 1880
Federal Census Returns, Manufacturing 1880
Federal Census Returns, Mortality 1880
Federal Census Returns, Population 1880
Policy Files 1984-1985
Receipts 1920-1939
Supply Requisitions 1939-1941
War Records Division
Title Date Span
Awards and Death Notifications 1941-1945
County WWII Casualty Lists 1941-1949
Des Moines Ordnance Plant Files 1941-1946
Miscellaneous Correspondence and Reference Files 1918-1950
Personal Collections of WWII Service Personnel 1942-1946
Photographs, Womens Army Auxiliary Corps, Fort Des Moines
Religious Organizations 1942-1947
Service Star Legion Records (Hudson, Iowa) 1921-1948
Subject Files 1941-1949
WAAC News, Womens Army Auxiliary Corps, Fort Des Moines
War Industry Reference Files 1943-1946
Waves, U.S. Training School, Cedar Falls 1942-1945
WWII County Newspaper Clippings 1941-1946
WWII Statewide Newspaper Clippings 1941-1945