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RG 048 Public Health

In 1880, the 18th General Assembly created the Iowa Department of Health. The following is a partial list of records series in the holdings of the State Archives:

Title Date Span
Family Planning, Minutes and Related Data 1970-1983
Minutes 1880-1928, 1934-1984
Governor's Advisory EMS Council
Title Date Span
Minutes, By-Laws and Correspondence 1980-1986
Iowa Alcoholism Commission
Title Date Span
General Correspondence 1969-1974
Reports 1971-1974
Professional Licensure
Title Date Span
Board of Barbers Examiners, Minutes 1979-2000
Board of Behavioral Sciences Examiners, Minutes 1991-2003
Board of Chiropractic Examiners, Minutes 1921-2003
Board of Cosmetology Examiners, Minutes 1927-2007
Board of Dietetic Examiners, Minutes 1985-2000
Board of Examiners for Athletic Trainers, Minutes 1994-2004
Board of Examiners for Hearing and Dealers, Minutes 1974-2000
Board of Examiners for Nursing Home Administrators, Minutes 1970-2002
Board of Mortuary Science Examiners, Minutes 1970-2002
Board of Optometry Examiners, Minutes 1970-2002
Board of Osteopathic Examiners, License Renewals 1946-1963
Board of Osteopathic Examiners, Minutes 1970-2002
Board of Physical and Occupational Therapy Examiners 1970-2002
Board of Physician Assistant Examiners, Minutes 1990-2002
Board of Podiatry Examiners, Minutes 1970-2002
Board of Psychology Examiners, Minutes 1975-2002
Board of Respiratory Care Examiners, Minutes 1986-2002
Board of Social Workers Examiners, Minutes 1984-1989
Board of Speech Pathology and Audiology Examiners, Minutes 1977-2000
Massage Therapy Advisory Board, Minutes 1992-2000
Vital Statistics
Title Date Span
Births 1880-1939
Deaths 1880-1939
Delayed Births 1848, 1852-1939
Divorces 1906-1939
Marriages 1880-1939