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RG 020 Commerce

The Commerce Commission was established on July 4, 1937 when the name of the Board of Railroad Commissioners was changed to the State Commerce Commission. In July 1975, the regulation of railroads and motor carriers was transferred from Commerce to the newly created Department of Transportation. Since 1975 the primary function of the records in RG20 Commerce has been the regulation of public utilities. Records pertaining to railroad and motor transport, regardless of the creating agency, are included in RG 105 Railroad Commissioners/Transportation Regulation. In 1986 several existing departments including Beer and Liquor Control, Banking and Insurance were transferred to the Commerce Commission, for their records refer to RG 12 Alcoholic Beverage Control, RG 10 Banking and RG 53 Insurance. The following is a partial list of holdings.

Title Date Span
Commerce Commission Daily Record 1927-1952, 1960-1975
Commerce Commission Decision Record 1937-1976
Commerce Commission Minutes 1959-1971
Commissioners Files - Agendas 1963
Commissioners Files - Correspondence and Reference Files 1959-1966
Commissioners Files - Correspondence, EE and EEE Docket Files 1943-1957
Commissioners Files - Joint Board 1957-1966
Commissioners Files - Miscellaneous 1958-1963
Commissioners Files - Reciprocity Board 1959-1965
Commissioners Files - Utilities Cooperative Committee Meeting 1963-1966
Commissioners Files - Utilities Division, Correspondence 1959-1965
Commissioners Files - Utilities Division, Memos 1963-1966
Staff Meeting Minutes 1967-1969
Utilities - Decisions and Orders 1977-1998
Utilities - Exhibits from Hearings, E Dockets