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RG 008 Attorney General

Although Iowa had an Attorney of the Territory appointed by the president in 1838; the State Constitution of 1846 did not provide for an Attorney General. The Office was established in January 1853. The earliest surviving records from the Attorney General in the Archives date from the 1860s. The following is a partial list of the records in our holdings. A complete list of the record series is available at the Research Center in Des Moines.

Title Date Span
Applications for Admission to the Bar 1902-1920
Cases, Civil 1930-1949
Cases, Criminal and Civil 1885-1925
Cases, Criminal and Civil, Docket Sheets (Closed) 1974-1982
Correspondence, Admissions to the Bar 1889-1923
Correspondence, Appointments 1889-1908
Correspondence, Cases, Criminal and Civil 1885-1925
Correspondence, Corporations 1889-1924
Correspondence, Court Cases 1888-1924
Correspondence, Daily Files 1958-1960
Correspondence, Executive 1957-1960, 1967-1986, 1991-1994
Correspondence, Informal Legal with State Agencies 1970-1978
Correspondence, Lands, Islands and Lake Beds 1889-1924
Correspondence, Law Enforcement 1899-1923
Correspondence, Legislative Liaison 1975-1977
Correspondence, Miscellaneous 1889-1923, 1991-1994
Correspondence, Requests for Opinions and Advice 1865-1923
Correspondence, Subject Files 1991-1994
Correspondence, Tax Cases 1939-1941
Docket Books 1962-1987
Letter Books 1895-1917
Miscellaneous 1910-1923
Opinions 1856-1900, 1973-1990
Press Releases, Consumer Protection 1974-1978
Reapportionment Cases 1972
Reapportionment Files 1960s
Register of Court Cases 1972
Reports 1911-1923
Supreme Court Dockets 1904-1913