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RG 004 Agriculture and Land Stewardship

The State Agricultural Society was organized in 1853. Records in the State Archives begin in 1862. The Agricultural Society promoted Iowa agriculture and managed the State Fair until the legislature created the Iowa Department of Agriculture in 1900. In 1923, the departments responsibilities were substantially increased when an act was passed creating the office of Secretary of Agriculture and transferring the functions of several smaller state divisions relating to agriculture to the department. A separate State Fair Board was established in 1924. The following is a partial list of the records in this record group in our holdings. A complete list of record series is available at the Research Center in Des Moines.

Title Date Span
Applications for State Certificates of Registration for Stallions 1906-1911
Century Farms Applications 1975
Correspondence, County and District Agricultural Societies 1883-1909
Correspondence, Crop Conditions 1883-1902
Correspondence, Farmers Institutes 1904-1909
Correspondence, Miscellaneous 1871-1889, 1905-1910
Correspondence, Registration of Stallions 1905-1910
County Auditors Reports of Crop and Farm Statistics 1910-1912
County Auditors Reports of Owners of Stallions 1906
Fertilizer Tonnage and Analysis Sheets 1945-1975
Grange Quarterly Reports 1873-1878
Import Registers of Animals Brought into State 1912-1916
Index to Correspondence Received 1883-1884
Iowa State Grange Business Agency, Day Book 1875-1877
Journals 1884-1894, 1905-1906
Ledgers 1878-1879, 1884-1894
Pesticides Performance Grants 2001-2004
Record of Grange Delegates by County 1873-1874
Records of County and District Agricultural Societies 1906-1918
Records of Fairs Held by County and District Agricultural Societies 1883-1913
Reports of Crop Conditions 1885-1913
Reports of District and County Agricultural Societies 1883-1913
Speeches 1986-1998
Yearbooks: Iowa Yearbooks of Agriculture 1901-1949
Yearbooks: Reports of Iowa Books of Agriculture 1952-1953
Yearbooks: Yearbooks of the U.S. Department of Agriculture 1896-1917
Horticulture Divison
Title Date Span
Garden Clubs 1979-1980
Iowa Fruit Growers, Correspondence 1975-1980
Iowa Nut Growers 1974-1980
Iowa State Horticulture Society, Awards, Board Meetings and Correspondence 1968-1981
Newsletters, Chrysanthemum, Dahlia, Gladiolus, Lily and Rose Societies 1969-1981
Newsletters, Iowa Florists 1979-1980
Newsletters, Iowa Nurserymens Association 1977-1981
Iowa Agricultural Development Authority
Title Date Span
Minutes 1984-1994
Iowa State Agricultural Society
Title Date Span
Correspondence 1862-1865
Letter Books 1865-1904
Minutes 1864-1907
Secretary of Agriculture
Title Date Span
Executive Correspondence 1975-1983
Speeches 1986-1998
State Dairy Commission
Title Date Span
Annual Reports 1901-1948
State Fair
Title Date Span
Reports of Miscellaneous Committees 1884-1890
Reports of Premium Awards Committee 1873-1886
Reports of Superintendent of Fine Art Hall 1884
Reports of Superintendent of Fruit and Flowers 1884
Reports of Superintendent of Horses and Cattle 1884, 1889
Reports of Superintendent of Machinery Department 1901-1903
Reports of Superintendent of Sheep and Poultry 1884
Reports of Superintendent of Speed
Reports of Superintendent of Vegetable Hall 1884
State Fair, Accounts 1876-1878, 1889, 1905-1907
State Fair, Applications for Space 1884
State Fair, Bids, Contracts and Proposals 1884-1996
State Fair, Correspondence, Advertising and Printing 1882-1911
State Fair, Correspondence, Attractions and Privileges 1883-1912
State Fair, Correspondence, Entries and Premiums 1883-1916
State Fair, Correspondence, Miscellaneous 1883-1909
State Fair, Correspondence, Passes 1883-1912
State Fair, Entry Registers 1894-1913
State Fair, Memorandum of Bill Poster 1884
State Fair, Premium Books 1914, 1917, 1920
State Fair, Premium Registers 1876-1893
State Fair, Premium Warrant Registers 1889-1925
State Fair, Race Registers 1882-1918
State Fair, Ticket Registers 1884-1913