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"Warning Our Homes Are In Danger Now," 1942

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Color image showing leaders of Germany and Japan over the world.
Courtesy of National Archives, "Warning Our Homes Are In Danger Now," General Motors Corporation, 1942


Propaganda posters during World War II by public relations specialists who were advising the U.S. government believed that the most effective war posters were the ones that appealed to the emotions. The poster shown here, produced by General Motors Corporation, played on the public's fear of the enemy. A looming Japanese Hideki Tojo and German Adolf Hitler are shown approaching the U.S. borders, threatening America by being at its doorstep. The image text reads, "Warning," "Our Homes Are In Danger Now," "Our Job Keep 'Em Firing."

Source-Dependent Questions

  • Compare and contrast the characterizations of the people that represent Germany and Japan in the poster.
  • Consider the differences in the characterization in the image. Does this poster show bias toward one country over the other? Why or why not?

Citation Information 

"Warning Our Homes Are In Danger Now," General Motors Corporation, 1942. Courtesy of National Archives