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"The Unconquered People" Sketch, July 1942

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Image of the front cover of a brochure from the Office of War showing an image of a giant in chains looming over a Nazi soldier.
Courtesy of Library of Congress, "Sketch from 'The Unconquered People..." July 1942


The U.S. Office of War Information (OWI) published this 12-page pamphlet after the U.S. had entered World War II. The sketch shown above is of "The Unconquered People," and describes the European resistance to Adolph Hitler and Germany on the part of people in the occupied countries of Europe.

Source-Dependent Questions

  • Why did the U.S. Office of War publish a brochure with this information after the United States had already entered the war? Why would it be important to highlight resistance by Europeans to Germany?
  • What did the Office of War want citizens to believe about why the United States entered the war in Europe? Use evidence from the image to support your answer.
  • Consider the imagery used by the artist to depict the "unconquered" people. How does this connect to the reason they thought the United States would enter the war in Europe?

Citation Information 

"Sketch from 'The Unconquered People.' One of the illustrations from 'The Unconquered People,' a twelve page pamphlet published by the Office of War Information (OWI), Washington, D.C., describing the resistance to Hitler on the part of the people of the occupied countries of Europe," July 1942. Courtesy of Library of Congress