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Official Information Bulletin for Internment Camp in Poston, Arizona, May 29, 1942

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Text of a daily bulletin produced in the internment camp.
Courtesy of Library of Congress, "Official information bulletin (Poston, Ariz.)," 29 May 1942


This daily bulletin comes from the Poston relocation camp in Arizona. A unique feature of this camp, besides its size, was that it was built on a Native American reservation. The camp was overseen by both the War Relocation Authority and the Office of Indian Affairs. This was done in part to bring money into the region for additions to infrastructure on the reservation. 

Transcript of the Official Information Bulletin for Poston, Arizona Internment Camp

Source-Dependent Questions

  • Describe the types of activities that were happening in the internment camp. What would be the reason for having these types of activities in the camp?
  • Consider the use of the word "colonists" to describe individuals being sent to the camp. Why would this term be used?
  • How would the services provided in the camp have provided comfort but also concern? What might having a fire department in the camp communicate about its permanence?

Citation Information 

"Official information bulletin (Poston, Ariz.)," 29 May 1942. Courtesy of Library of Congress