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"This is America: Keep It Free" Propaganda Poster, 1942

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Propaganda poster in black and white showing a group of men on a porch.
Courtesy of Library of Congress, Lange, Dorothea, "This is America: Keep It Free," 1942


Dorothea Lange was best known for her iconic images of the Great Depression, but she also was responsible for this propaganda poster at the beginning of the war. Along with images like this, she was also hired by the War Relocation Authority to document Japanese internment.  

Transcript of "This is America: Keep It Free" Propaganda Poster

Source-Dependent Questions

  • What was the intended message of the poster? Use evidence from the source.
  • Compare this image with the poster  "I'm Proud ... My Husband Wants Me To Do My Part." What messages are consistent? How does the point of view of the artist change this message?

Citation Information 

Lange, Dorothea, "This is America: Keep It Free," 1942. Courtesy of Library of Congress