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"From the Battlefields of France" from General John J. Pershing, 1918

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Courtesy of Library of Congress, Pershing, John J., "From the Battlefields of France," 1918


This recording is a patriotic appeal by the U.S. Army to Americans for "their unshrinking support" during World War I. It was delivered by General John J. Pershing, chief of the American Expeditionary Forces.

Transcript of General John J. Pershing's Address, "From the Battlefields of France"

Source-Dependent Questions

  • How did General John J. Pershing characterize the fight by Americans in during World War I?
  • What did this assume about America’s role in the conflict? How did this perceived role influence America’s actions after the conflict?

Citation Information 

Pershing, John J., "From the Battlefields of France," 1918. Courtesy of Library of Congress