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"Invasion of Belgium by the 'Uncultured'," 1914

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Cartoon of Uncle Sam bringing food to the people of Belgium.
Courtesy of Library of Congress, Rogers, W.A., "Invasion of Belgium by the 'Uncultured'," 1914


This drawing shows Uncle Sam carrying a basket labeled "Belgian Relief" and an armful of clothing labeled "From the Plain People," taking a large step into the midst of a destitute woman and several children. These people symbolize the victims of the German invasion of Belgium during World War I. The image also shows a German soldier in the background sitting on a mound of rubble, holding a rifle with bayonet that appears to be dripping with blood.

Source-Dependent Questions

  • How did the artist use visual imagery to compare and contrast the United States and Germany?
  • According to the artist, who was responsible for the relief being offered to Belgium? What visual imagery did the artist use to illustrate his point?
  • How did the artist’s characterization of the United States’ role in this image contrast with the previous image calling for America to "wake up?"

Citation Information 

Rogers, W.A., "Invasion of Belgium by the 'Uncultured'," 1914. Courtesy of Library of Congress