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Interview of Harry Reece about His First Trip to Chicago, Illinois, November 29, 1938

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Courtesy of Library of Congress, Bowman, Earl, "[Harry Reece (Daca)...His Story]," 29 November 1938


This interview was collected in 1938 by the Federal Writers’ Project, a component of the Work Projects Administration. In the interview, Harry Reece described his first trip to Chicago around 1900. Reece was born and grew up in rural Illinois.

Full Transcript of Harry Reece's Interview

Transcribed Excerpt from Harry Reece's Interview

Source-Dependent Questions

  • According to Harry Reese, why were telephones, electricity, the phonograph and trolley cars such a curiosity to him?
  • According to Reese, why is his Uncle Bill Brandon well respected at home? Cite specific evidence from the document to support you answer.
  • How did Uncle Bill Brandon react to seeing a trolley car in Chicago? According to Reese, why did Brandon react that way?

Citation Information 

Bowman, Earl, "[Harry Reece (Daca)...His Story]," 29 November 1938. Courtesy of Library of Congress