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"Negroes to the Philippines" Newspaper Article, February 1903

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Courtesy of The Ohio Historical Society, "Negroes to the Philippines," The Informer, February 1903


In February 1903, The Informer, a newspaper published in Urbana, Ohio, reported on Alabama Senator John T. Morgan's proposed plan for colonizing America's African-American population in the Philippines, which was an American colony at the time. The article discussed Morgan's efforts at persuading the secretary of war and governor of the Philippines, as well as the justification for his plan. 

Transcript of "Negroes to the Philippines" Newspaper Article

Source-Dependent Questions

  • What was Senator John T. Morgan's solution to America's "grave Negro problem?"
  • How would African Americans benefit under Morgan's proposed plan?
  • Do you feel Morgan's proposed plan was created in the best interests of both African Americans and whites? Provide evidence from the article to support your conclusion.

Citation Information 

"Negroes to the Philippines," The Informer, February 1903. Courtesy of The Ohio Historical Society