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"The 'Jim Crow' Car" Poem, September 15, 1900

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"The 'Jim Crow' Car" Newspaper Article, September 15, 1900
Courtesy of Library of Congress, "The 'Jim Crow' Car," Richmond Planet, pp. 8, 15 September 1900


The September 15, 1900, edition of the Richmond Planet (Virginia) published this poem by Reverend Walter H. Brooks, which brought to life the emotional and psychological impact of segregated rail cars on African-American passengers.

Transcript of "The 'Jim Crow' Car" Poem

Printable Excerpt of "The 'Jim Crow' Car" Poem

Source-Dependent Questions

  • Provide a one-sentence summary for each stanza of the poem.
  • Use evidence from the poem to explain how its tone changes from beginning to end.
  • In what ways does the language of the poem reflect racial prejudices against minority groups in America?
  • Based on this poem, make an inference about the type of psychological and emotional impact Jim Crow laws might have had on African Americans.

Citation Information 

"The 'Jim Crow' Car," Richmond Planet, pp. 8, 15 September 1900. Courtesy of Library of Congress