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American Infantrymen Grieve for a Dead Fellow Soldier near Haktong-ni, Korea, August 28, 1950

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Three men are seated on a grassy area with a hill behind them.  The soldier in the background wears a helmet and is writing on a booklet of some kind.  In the center of the photo, one soldier is cradled in the arms of another soldier in the way a mother would often cradle a crying child.
Courtesy of Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper, "Chang, Sfc. Al. U.S. Army, near Haktong-ni, Korea," Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper, 28 August 1950


This photograph captured a grief stricken American infantryman whose fellow soldier has been killed in action and he was comforted by another soldier. In the background, a corpsman was methodically filling out casualty tags in the Haktong-ni area on August 28, 1950.

Source-Dependent Questions

  • How does this image support the statement that "not all injuries are physical?"
  • In the background a soldier is filling out casualty tags. What are causality tags? Why would they be important?

Citation Information 

"Chang, Sfc. Al. U.S. Army, near Haktong-ni, Korea," Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper, 28 August 1950. Courtesy of Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper