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"The Hawkeye Cultivator," 1863

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Two hand drawings and text telling about John Deere’s riding implement, the Hawkeye Cultivator.
Courtesy of John Deere, "The Hawkeye Cultivator," Deere & Company, 1863


The Hawkeye Cultivator was John Deere's first riding implement. Just like his original steel plow, the invention came about to serve a need. Many men were returning from the Civil War wounded and unable to walk behind an implement. Deere's Hawkeye Cultivator allowed men with injured or missing limbs to still cultivate their fields.

Transcript of "The Hawkeye Cultivator"

Source-Dependent Questions

  • What job is this machine intended to do?
  • How does this machine help the user?

Citation Information 

"The Hawkeye Cultivator," Deere & Company, 1863. Courtesy of John Deere