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Letter from Annie Wittenmyer to Governor Samuel Kirkwood, 1863

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A letter written by Annie Wittenmyer to Governor Kirkwood.
Courtesy of State Historical Society of Iowa, Kirkwood, Samuel, pp. 115-116, 1863


This document is a letter from Annie Wittenmyer to Iowa Governor Samuel Kirkwood that was published in the Keokuk Weekly Gate City in 1863. Wittenmeyer outlined her efforts and the needs that remained in caring for Iowa's Civil War casualties. The letter also included his response to the needs, which was to call for other Iowans to help. 

Transcript of Letter from Annie Wittenmyer to Governor Samuel Kirkwood

Source-Dependent Questions

  • What do you feel was significant in Annie Wittenmyer's letter to Iowa Governor Samuel Kirkwood? Why would she choose to write to him personally?
  • How did Governor Kirkwood respond to Wittenmyer's report? How did his response show the impact of Ms. Wittenmyer's efforts?
  • From Wittenmyer's report, what was positive, and what still needed to be addressed?
  • Compare this letter to her letter to the Soldiers' Aid Societies of Iowa Ladies. What are common themes running through both letters?