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Truth in Immigration (TRIM) Act, November 14, 2005

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Courtesy of U.S. Congress, "Truth in Immigration (TRIM) Act," 14 November 2005


This piece of legislation, known as the Truth in Immigration (TRIM) Act, directs the Secretary of Homeland Security to annually report to Congress on the number of undocumented immigrants, listed by country of last known habitual residence, who are estimated to be unlawfully residing in the United States. It also plays a role in reducing the number of immigrants legally allowed into the country. 

Full Transcript of Truth in Immigration (TRIM) Act

Transcribed Excerpts from Truth in Immigration (TRIM) Act

Source-Dependent Questions

  • Consider the title "Truth in Immigration Act." How does this match the requirements of the legislation? Use evidence from the text.
  • How is the intent of this legislation similar or different from legislative documents already outlined by documents in this set?

Citation Information 

"Truth in Immigration (TRIM) Act," 14 November 2005. Courtesy of U.S. Congress