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"Move On" Silent Film of New York's Lower East Side, October 27, 1903

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Courtesy of Library of Congress, Abadie, Alfred C., "Move On," 27 October 1903


Filmed in New York's Lower East Side, the scene is a street where several Jewish and Italian push-cart vendors have gathered to sell their goods. In the foreground are fruit and vegetable carts. An elevated railroad track crosses over the street in the background. As the film progresses, two policemen can be seen heading up the street toward the camera and ordering all of the vendors to move. One of the policemen approaches the camera waving his nightstick, and the cart in the foreground begins moving. The film ends with a closeup of the policeman scolding the vendor. 

Source-Dependent Questions

  • Using evidence from the video, how would you characterize the treatment of immigrants?
  • Were the actions of the officer justified given the obligation to uphold the law? Why or why not using evidence from the video?
  • What supports do you see available to or missing for immigrants at this time?

Citation Information

Abadie, Alfred C., "Move On," 27 October 1903. Courtesy of Library of Congress