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U.S. Rep. John Kasson (R-IA) Speech on Chinese Immigration, March 22, 1882

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Courtesy of State Historical Society of Iowa, Kasson, John, 22 March 1882


This speech on Chinese immigration was presented before Congress by Iowa U.S. Representative John A. Kasson on March 22, 1882. Kasson argues in his speech against the Chinese Exclusion Act.  

Full Transcript of U.S. Rep. John Kasson's Speech on Chinese Immigration

Transcribed Excerpts from U.S. Rep. John Kasson's Speech on Chinese Immigration (Pgs. 5-6, 10-11)

Source-Dependent Questions

  • How did Rep. Kasson’s characterization of Chinese immigrants differ from other sources, such as "How John May Dodge the Exclusion Act?" Use evidence from the source.
  • Do you feel Kasson gave a strong enough response when addressing the hypocrisy of his party? Why or why not? Support your answer with evidence from the source.
  • What arguments did Kasson put forward opposing the treaty? How do these show a departure from viewpoints of the time period?