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Letter from Herbert Hoover to Herbert S. Crocker, May 21, 1932

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Courtesy of National Archives, Hoover, Herbert, 21 May 1932


This is a letter from Herbert Hoover to Herbert S. Crocker, President of the American Society of Civil Engineers, responding to the Society's suggestion to expand public works programs. Hoover outlines, in detail, his opposition to expanding public works and explains what he feels the government can do.

Full Transcript of Letter from Herbert Hoover to Herbert S. Crocker

Transcribed Excerpts from the Letter from Herbert Hoover from Herbert S. Crocker

Source-Dependent Questions

  • What was the distinction between "Public Works" programs and "Income-Producing Works" programs? Why would this be an important distinction to make for Hoover?
  • What were President Herbert Hoover's reasons for not expanding public works during a time where unemployment was high and the national economy was struggling? Cite textual evidence from the document to support your answer.
  • How does this document exemplify Hoover's legacy as president of the United States during the Great Depression?

Citation Information

Hoover, Herbert, 21 May 1932. Courtesy of National Archives