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Herbert Hoover’s Response to the Press, October 4, 1930

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Hoover's response to the press over a question about a special session of Congress.
Courtesy of National Archives and Records Administration, Hoover, Herbert, 4 October 1930


President Herbert Hoover responds to a question about the need for a special session of U.S. Congress to address the issues of unemployment. The question was made by the press at a time as the U.S. economy was in a tailspin after the stock market crashed in 1929. 

Transcript of Herbert Hoover's Response to the Press

Source-Dependent Questions

  • How does President Herbert Hoover support his response about the need for a special session?
  • Consider the following quote, "The spirit of voluntary service has been strong enough to cope with the problem for the past year and it will, I am confident, continue in full measure of the need." Was this response appropriate given the information he had at the time? Why or why not?

Citation Information 

Hoover, Herbert, 4 October 1930. Courtesy of National Archives and Records Administration