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Rural Advocacy Groups During the Farm Crisis, 2013

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Courtesy of Iowa PBS


“Rural Advocacy Groups During the Farm Crisis” is a video excerpt from a 2013 Iowa PBS production entitled “The Farm Crisis”. This selection discusses the ways people advocated for governmental and societal support for Iowa and Midwestern farmers during the Farm Crisis. Several examples are shared of how people supported farmers and protested the lack of governmental support for farmers and agriculture.

Source Dependent Questions

  • What were some different informed action steps taken by people as they advocated for Iowa’s farmers during the Farm Crisis of the 1980s?
  • How did the informed action of folk singer Willie Nelson lead to his involvement in the movement for Farm Aid?
  • Based on some of the other sources in this text set as well as this video, which form of protest do you feel had the biggest impact on advocating for Iowa’s farms and farmers and why?

Citation Information

"Rural Advocacy Groups During the Farm Crisis." Iowa PBS, 29. Nov 2017