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Farm Crisis Results in Suicide and Murder, 2013

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Courtesy of Iowa PBS


A video excerpt from a 2013 Iowa PBS production entitled “The Farm Crisis”. This selection is entitled “Farm Crisis Results in Suicide and Murder” and discusses the mental and emotional toll on Iowan farmers and their families.

Source Dependent Questions

  • What are some common emotions and/or thoughts shared by each of the stories in the video?
  • Which story do you feel best exemplifies the emotional stress dealt with by Iowa farmers during the crisis? Use evidence from this video and other sources within this set to support your answer.
  • As you read through some of the other sources in this set, how do these stories represent the emotional and psychological stress and reactions to the Iowa Farm Crisis? Cite your sources as you make connections.

Citation Information

“Farm Crisis Results in Suicide and Murder.” Iowa PBS, 29 Nov. 2017