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Farm Crisis Impact on Rural Communities, 2013

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Courtesy of Iowa PBS


A video excerpt from a 2013 Iowa PBS production entitled “The Farm Crisis”. The video discusses the impact on not just the Midwestern farm, but also across the entire Iowa economy including banks, farm implement dealers and manufacturers, and small community businesses that could no longer stay open due to the declining economy.

Source Dependent Questions

  • Several individuals share the impact of the Farm Crisis on Iowa’s economy. What were some of those impacts?
  • How did those effects on the economy impact communities in Iowa as a whole?
  • Representative Jim Leech, who is from Iowa, stated only farmers were impacted by the farm crisis. Why might Leech have that response? In what ways did this portion of the documentary prove Rep. Leech incorrect? Provide evidence from the sources to support your answer.

Citation Information

“Farm Crisis Impact on Rural Communities.” Iowa PBS, 29 Nov. 2017