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Causes of the Farm Crisis, 2013

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Courtesy of Iowa PBS


A video excerpt from a 2013 Iowa PBS production entitled “The Farm Crisis”. This particular section outlines the causes for the 1980s Farm Crisis in Iowa and across the Midwest. The video included narration, interviews with key individuals who experienced the Farm Crisis from many perspectives, and media samples from the time period.

Source Dependent Questions

  • How did environmental factors like droughts and economic factors like inflation, bank closures, and defaulting on loans contribute to the farm crisis?
  • This video shares several different perspectives on the farm crisis. What did some of these perspectives share about the farm crisis and its impact?
  • The source references ‘song and protests’ to let farmers know they were not alone. Explain how song and protest can be examples of taking informed action.

Citation Information

“Causes of the Farm Crisis.” Iowa PBS, 29 Nov. 2017